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What else is unconstitional?

I've begun to see more frequent associations between an improved USA and a strict belief in Jesus. It's seeped into our social networks and even entering into our political discussions. Yet, at the same time everyone is retreating behind the Constitution to defend controversial claims. 

So I ask: "If there is so much attention being placed on the constitution, why is the 1st amendment so easily ignored?" According to the authors of the Constitution, the United States is not a Christian nation, nor is it a Jewish nation, or any other denomination nation. It is pluralistic nation based on all religions. 

Disclaimer: I am Roman Catholic.

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I Love Creative Commons

And you should too! Strangers from all over the globe freely share their images and other content to promote re-mixing and spread their message. It's a really cool community.

So I want to thank, Rojer for the ONLY hit when I searched for "shocko." It's a beautiful eel taken at very high resolution. I've decided to use it for my twitter account Shockobabble.

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Crowdsourcing and Talent House

My publisher Kevin Shockey submitted Potman for the "Create a superhero character for the Stan Lee Foundation" on Talent House. A really interesting website that allows artist to sponser crowd sourced collaboration. We've submitted Potman, which we've been working on for a while now.

You can login with your Facebook account, so just click on the link to vote for Kevin and let's put him on top. If we win then we will get a chance to to work with Stan Lee to bring Potman to life! How cool would that be?

So tell all your friends, heck tell everyone to go and vote for Kevin. Let's make this happen!

Google's Twitter Search better than Twitter's

As you might know, I mainly use Twitter through SMS on my faithful Sharp Sidekick. So every once in a while I'll come across a tweet worth further investigation, but trying to find those tweets has proven difficult. I've tried Twitter's web interface and one of the leading clients, TweetDeck, but I haven't found an easy way to find those tweets.

So I figured I would try Twitter's Search interface. In some of my original attempts, I was not successful in finding individual tweets. Yesterday I sat down to clear out some old tweets on my phone. Usually, I'll just type the shortened URL into the browser, which alleviates the whole search problem. However, this time, when I typed in the URL an unexpected page appeared.

Apparently I had misread a "0" for "O" or vice versa and retrieved the wrong page (you know those URL shortners can be tricky, for example, "1" or lowercase "L"), so I had to search for the tweet. The particular tweet I was looking for was a little dated. It was from Ex-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich about "social gaming strategies that can help companies like BP win public relations battles". The date of the tweet was June 4th, 2010. I pulled up Google's Twitter Search and typed in "gingrich public BP." Bingo! While it had replaced "gingrich" with "newtgingrich" (his real Twitter account name), the tweet I was looking for was second in the list of results.

Just out of curiosity, I tried the same search on Twitter's Search Page. Zippo. I changed the search string to "newtgingrich public BP." Still, zippo! There it was, plainer than the nose on your face, Google's Twitter Search was better than Twitter's.

This of course, should come as no surprise. For Google, search is core to their success, it's what made them the number one search engine. However, for Twitter, search is context. It's a feature they added to help increase adoption of their micro-blogging platform. It is, among a long laundry list of features they need. Hint, that's a lead in to my next post.

Note: For more on "core versus context," see Geoffery Moore's "Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution." There's a summary the book's webpage.


Saving the world, One princess at a time

Today was going to be the day
I'd worked out the plan
I'd even written it down
I was going to take the time
To work on things that mattered
At least to me

I was going to change the world
One piece of sculpture at a time
One drawing, One poem
One article, One blog post
Day by day
I was going to shake the Matrix
Until the foundations
Begin to falter
And the social disruption
I envision would begin to
Fall into place
Replacing sixty years of indoctrination
Buy, Obey, Consume, Reproduce

With a fools belief
at the heart of my plan
I was certain
That I could make a difference
Patience, optimism, persistence
We shall overcome
These were my new battle cries
I could see it all coming together
starting on just this first day

Instead my six year old
awoke with a fever
So she stayed at home with me
I took her to the Doctor
Where we confirmed
She had an infection
I went to the pharmacy
I bought the medicine
And I made her drink it
Even the bad tasting one
Yes I was going to
Save the world today
Instead I ended up
Saving a princess


The return of mofo

I'm back!

Ready to stir things up again. One of which will be resurrecting the old shockobabble.com, including all those wonderful blog posts that everyone seemed to "love" so much. Until then, peace out.

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Finally, my old tablet still has legs

Man, I was almost ready to give up hope on my old Aiptek tablet, but it might still have some life left in it. In connection with downloading a new driver, I also put in a fresh non-rechargeable battery in the pen. And now it seems like's it might be up to the task of sketching my comics directly into Inkscape.

Here's a fist study I copied from George B. Bridgeman's "Constructive Anatomy" using myAiptek tablet, I'd have to say that's it a lot better than any other time: