Link to 'A financial security blanket' by Brian Rushton PhillipsI came across a unique press release today for a new art project by Brian Rushton Phillips. According to the release, Brian is a "casualty" of the 2008 economic crisis. In response, this unemployed conceptual artist used his remaining cash to comment on the downturn.

Using 208 $1 dollar bills, Brian stitched them together to form a makeshift security blanket. According to the artist:

"The fragility of the blanket conjures an oxymoronic image, consistent with the current state of global unemployment, homelessness and financial insecurity."
I, for one, got a kick out of first, the effort. But even more, having the chuztpah to create his own press release announcing the pre-release of the project on his web site. Mad props Brian, I hope thinks turn up.