I went by a deconstruction site yesterday and they were tearing down walls and throwing everything out. Normal stuff for deconstruction, but there in that there rubble I found gold.

Ever come across a can of Great Stuff in the hardware store? Ever use any of it around the house? It's pretty amazing stuff. Well imagine having a dump truck full of it and you coat cinder block walls of it 8 inches deep.

So as they are busting down walls, these huge slabs of this polyurethane-based foam are breaking off. Even without painting, they're a trip to look at. They are perfectly flat on one side, many include the imprint of the wood or cement there were squirted on to. On the other they have a dimpled wavy pattern.

I immediately stopped the van and loaded up as many slabs as I could find. I asked the deconstruction guys to save me some more, but when I went back it was all in the dumpster. I was able to salvage a few more big pieces. I think I was pretty lucky. Not only does this stuff look weird, but went it busts apart it almost looks as if was carved. In fact, I bet I could even carve a design into some of the slabs.

My mind is racing trying to figure out what to do with these new supplies. I imagine already using smaller pieces and gluing them onto a gesso covered wood panel and then painting. I'm intrigued by making paintings that escape from the flat space of two dimensions. This stuff is perfect for that. Other pieces could combine the shards with wire and other materials to form assemblage sculptures. Some could just be painted and hung on the wall as is. I know I could put a whole show together based on this stuff.

I'm kind of motivated to get started on them so I can move them out of the yard and the shed. My wife is already starting to complain about the stuff I'm accumulating. I'm going to experiment with a few pieces to see how acrylic and latex paint looks on them and finish a few pieces. Then I'm going to present them to some galleries to see if they would be interested in showing them. I think that it's good to finally be taking this step.