Sliding through the night

a half moon ring
mocks me
from outer space

I squint
and can almost see
the mysteries of life
crystallize around me

My future orbits
through my imagination
almost reaching light speed
it streaks away from me

Phantasms of art
I've never completed
flash before my inner eye
like I've already finished them
a thousand years ago

When time was more scarce
I was graced with a focus
that has vanished from
my repertoire of tricks

With more time now
I struggle to find the energy
to pull my self free
from this mental quicksand

And as my thoughts
thrash around
seeking answers or guideposts
I'm only aerating
the viscous snare
that entraps me

As my struggle grows desperate
I only sink
deeper within myself
With no answers
to grab a hold of
I slip out of existence
unable to share
the Renaissance of my creativity
Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: Rhys Jones Photography