That's what came to my mind
when I was sitting on the john
trying to figure out
what was going through
my daughter's mind

When did she start thinking
more of herself
than about her family?
Surely this was not
something she got from me!
Surely she's seen me
give, and help,
and sacrifice.

Where did she get off
thinking that her
desires were more
important than
those who love
her most?

Doesn't she see
the sacrifices I make
for our family?
Didn't she know?
That there was
no doubt that
I could make it
as an artist.

Then I stopped
my thoughts from
forming the next sentence
and asked,
do I really believe that?

I searched my thoughts
for dissent,
and even my fear
of success kept silent.
I did mean it.
I do mean it.
No doubt about it.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: ucumari