I came across this term the other day when I was contemplating how to aggregate together all of my various online projects. According to the lifestream blog, written by Mark Krynsky, a lifestream is a:

"a chronological aggregated view of your life activities both online and offline. It is only limited by the content and sources that you use to define it."
So far, it seems that Mark's the leading blogger focusing on this emerging trend and he has some great posts and links to get started aggregating your online experiences.

One that I found on his blog, that I considering using is StoryTlr.com. According to the project initiative page, StoryTlr.com is:

"a way to help him build 'the centralized me'. We liked the idea because it sounded like reinventing the good old 'personal page', realizing that a blog can only capture one angle of what we did online. More over, we felt that this page had to be personal, and not yet another profile page locked in a social network, and plastered with company branding. Storytlr brings you just that, a platform to build the centralized you, and it is really about you, not about us.".
Another site I stumbled onto, which presents a completely different perspective to a lifestream is lifeblob.com. Now lifeblob approaches a lifestream as a serious of posts along a timeline. Like other lifestreaming tools, you can pull your content posted on other services to present them along your timeline.

I haven't decided which of the services to use, who knows? Maybe I'll use both. If these tools aggregate my content automatically, then they both may have value. I've long believed that anything that helps create a cloud on the Internet ponting to your content, then it is probably worth the effort. It's something I've been calling "cloud marketing." Essentially, to the best of your abilities and time, I think one way to organically increase your presence on the Internet is to use the search engines ranking formula in your favor. If I have a bunch of "unrelated" sites pointing between all of my content, then merely by those interconnections, my content is more important than other content.

Sure it is a little more work to maintain many different sites, but I like the ability to put my life into little compartments. Somethings are more suited to fit into one compartment than others. Again, that is also what the search engines are looking for. The more specialized and consistent a web site is, than the better it will do in SEO.

I wasn't quite sure whether to put this under "Make my Own Media" publishing content or here in my personal blog. But I decided since it was for personal use more than anything else, I should hang it here. Anyway, it's pretty exciting trying to figure out how to bring everything together to present a much fuller picture of who I am and what I'm doing. Stay tuned to see how this online storm settles into place.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: Christolakis