It's been a while since I posted some of my work, so I scanned in a few drawings from my trip back home. These are once again, examples of Babblecards, or what you might call Shockobabble postcards.

This first one was inspired by a good ol'e fashion car show/parade. Went with my brother and it was a real gas. Plenty of beautiful cars, beer, and burn outs. How could anyone not find that inspiring?

These next two drawings were my original sketches for the two masks I did. The first one was done with the intent to create the ugliest and meanest face I could conjure up. What's cool about this sketch is it's one of my first original cartoon influenced characters. The second was my sketch for my biker demon. Again, these were both caricatures I drew from my imagination. In the past, I've copied elements of other photographs or drawings. So these show my growing confidence in cartooning.

I've still got to pull the picutres of the finished masks from my phone, but I've just been to lazy to hunt down the cable.