Last night I took a trip
I didn't mean to
It wasn't like I ingested something
with the sole intent
of experiencing the unknown

No, this was a journey to the abyss
Little bits of information
came at me from all angles
and I was pushed
to the edge of my sanity
And from where I stood
all around me was despair
all around me was futility

The next morning
is was difficult to awake
from my nightmare
We were smashed
between the vise-like grip
of cold lifeless hatred
and the seemingly immovable
wall of reality

Now as I sit here
I can remember my hopelessness
Everywhere I looked
there were warnings
but everyone around me
seemed hypnotized
by despair

This wasn't the first time
I've been to edge of this chasm
I'm repeatedly taken there
to witness the destruction
of humanity
It used to terrify me
and leave me grieving
in a pool of hopeless tears

But I've been there too many times
for it to scare me anymore
With gross familiarity
I can now witness
the end of our existence

I've become like a scientist
I can now experience our demise
with a sterile perspective
that allows me to see
but not feel

So I've been asked to
report back to humanity
and dispel the myths that
we use to prop up our
sense of reality

We are one
Just as certain
as I am here
sharing my tale
so are you
In fact
when I was at the end
so were you
Now when I'm challenged
I am not alone
For not only are you there with me
so is our Creator

He has asked me to tell you
to surrender your beliefs
She has instructed me to create
a new way of thinking,
a new way of relating
They want us to know that
it is time
time for us to look
beyond ourselves
and see the unity
that surrounds us
There is no separation
between our God and Ourself
God is within Us
We are God
Our will is God's will

Within Our heart lies
the greatest mystery
To love Ourself
is to love God
To love Ourself
is to love Everyone

Do you hear the truth?
Can you see truth
of our shared vision?
Know this
there is no end
there is no beginning
there simple is
Love the God within
each of Us
and there will
always be hope
in abundance

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: ecstaticist