If I told you I was I prophet
would you think I was vain
or just insane

If I told you that I know things
or that I'm able to see truths
that remain hidden from you
would you think that I was just vain
or simply insane

If I told you that God speaks to me
and answers my inquiries
would you think that I was simply vain
or totally insane

If I told you
that you should listen to me
because I have heard your prayers
and am prepared to share God's answers
would you think that I was totally vain
or completely insane

Of course, you've got no reason to believe me
for I'm just another prophet
in a long line of fools
that believed he could
make a difference

Maybe I am completely insane to believe
that anyone should listen
to what I've been asked to share
but then why would you
for you haven't been with me
through my long and endless pain

Maybe it's the pain
that has driven me to insanity
that has convinced me
that even though my faith wavered
God's faith in me never did

No you weren't with me
as I quietly suffered
down a long and lonely road
but God was there

You weren't there
to hear my desperate
cries of agony
nor were you there
to aid in my comfort
but God was there
he heard my screams
and quieted me with the truth

In the end
it doesn't really matter
whether you listen
to me or not

My mission is to share
what I've learned
in as simple and helpful
terms as possible
whether you learn anything
is up to you

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: cindy47452