As I was in Borders trying to choose which was going to be my next investment in comicbook making resources, it hit me that I've really always assumed that my comicbook making was going to be done on the computer.

So I invested in The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics. I had been looking at a few other choices, but they were all pen and ink based. So over the wekkend, I got to thinking. I better dust off the old tablet interface and give her a try.

Man, was that a frustrating experience. It might be that I've got a old Aiptek Wacom wannbe that was built to run on Windows XP, I'm on Vista now, and it could have also been the program I was using, but I'm unimpressed with my results. Take a look:
I know, pathetic. My next attempt will be using the tablet and Inkscape. That should allow me to have more control and hopefully, the ability to smooth out my squiggles. I've got to go back and redo the tutorials using the tablet so I can get more hours behind the tablet. It really all comes back to that one principle. They difference between those that produce and those that don't is the diligence, commitment, stubbornness, and perserverance to put in the time.