Staring off into the infinite
My soul draws me there to join you
We flow together within a river of consciousness
We are the collective infinite 

As I continue my journey inward, 
I discover ancient myths
They guide me through the darkness
in my search for meaning, 
nay I'm seeking the divinity
that lies hidden within me

Today I stumbled 
Even though I've been this way before
I was hoping that it had changed
I was stretching to cross over
a familiar obstacle
but as I leapt over
I imagined for a moment 
that a new step had appeared
however as my feet were ready to
land on the new foothold
it disappeared into delusion
and I ripped my leg open 
as I once again fell to the ground

As the pain erupted within me
it was overwhelmed by embarrassment
How could I let this happen again?
I'm trapped within the duality 
of the man I choose to be
and the man that I can not be
And yet, a shadow within me still remains
which neither prayer nor drug
nor advice can pacify

As the sun sets, 
I'm lost once more
within contemplation
I'll have to venture
again into the darkness
to confront my fears
My torment is my own
it haunts me when
I'm weak
and conspires with
my doubt to keep
me from reaching you

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: Tyson Cecka