A while back Boing Boing ran a contest for 100 word works of fiction. The theme was "Found in Space." To enter all you had to do was leave a comment with your entry. Today they announced the finalists, but unfortunately I wasn't one of them. They received 8,00 entries. So I wanted to share my entry. Besides my poetry, and the fake news stuff I did over at "The Fake News Nightly", I'd have to say this was my first true attempt at fiction writing. Anyway, here was my entry:

"Is that You? Where am I? There was a moment, just before the truck smashed into me. When I thought the panic would overwhelm me, everything became still. Silence. Peace. Tranquility. There was no pain. I felt calm. "How could that be?" I am, but I have no body. "How can that be?" I try to remember, and there's nothing left to remember. I am. Nothing more. "What is happening? Am I lost?" I sense the infinite, I am the infinite. "Wait, what's that?" I'm descending! Quicker now, everything is dimming. In total darkness now. I am born a new.
It was fun to participate as well as a welcome challenge to exercise my fiction writing muscles. Something I aim to exercise more often int he future. I read through the finalists and voted for the entry by Thought Grime, who is currently losing to the entry by femaletrouble3.