Recently I've become captivated by artists who make moving sculptures, or should I say movable sculptures? The artist I first discovered was presented in episode 5 of MakeZine television. The motorized wave sculptures, created by visionary maker Reuben Margolin, are elegant and hypnotic. Make magazine has been a real hit for O'Reilly Publishing, and the extension of the magazine into video has been very inspiring. I really appreciate O'Reilly making a version of the video available for download. This is an important concept a lot of content producers haven't yet figured out. If you're going to go through the trouble of producing content, it makes little sense to throw up obstacles to obstruct people from consuming that content, of course, this is at the heart of the entire debate raging in the publishing world.

The other artist is Theo Jansen, which I learned of from the fantastic Boing Boing. According to his own description, Theo is building new life forms, which he aims for them to survive on their own.  In this short video from the TED Talks, Theo gives a brief overview of some of the inner working of his creations. He also describes his driving motivation in attempting to make his creations self-sufficient.

These two artists have inspired me to make some moving or movable art. The first form that comes to mind is the mobile.  I made one a while back out of used aluminum racing horse shoes. My daughter and I worked on it for a cousin of mine who loves and owns a bunch of horses. I thought it turned out pretty cool, but I visited her place last year when my brother died, and the mobile has still hanging on the wall of her stable where she put it several years before. Boy everybody is a critic, right?

The other form that comes to mind is the weather vane type of sculptures made for the movie Twister, remember those? A little googling turned up that the artist commissioned for the movie was Evan Lewis. Another related artist I found was Lyman Whitaker, who makes Outdoor Kinetic Sculptures.

All of this is totally overwhelming, but fascinating, truly fascinating.