While I had been really gearing up to make this a visual journaling year, I've been tempted to try something else. Smashing Magazine challenged everyone by posting "Design Something Every Day!"

As stated in the post: "I challenge you today to design something daily. Take fifteen to twenty minutes that you would normally use to surf the Web today and devote it to designing something." The post offers some valuable suggestion, to keep you hooked an producing. So far I'm two for two. Wow, right!

My biggest challenge I think will be keeping the design to under 20 minutes. I tend to obsess on the details of my drawings and that can end up sucking an hour from life, easy. So I've got to keep the drawing fluid and rapid. Regardless, I'm stoked and ready for this challenge, I think it's going to be greate exercise practing my cartooning. I'll be launching a new blog to capture my daily images, so stay tuned for that.

I'm not sure what bug crawled up my ass New years Eve, but I suddenly want to engage in more activities. I know I still have pending projects, but somehow, I think I'll be able to make progress on multiple fronts.  I also want to get back involved in open source, which is a nice surprise. It's taken me 3 and half years to recover from my fall from grace, but I've got some ideas to do something a little different that might be appreciated.

Once again, I thank KathySierra of Creating Passionate Users and Head First fame for the inspiration.