So I've been playing around a lot with Inkscape, it's a very impressive piece of software. At this point it's looking like the tool I'll be using to digitize my comics. From what I've been reading it has benefited from having developers that are also cartoonists, so while I haven't gotten very deep into some of the more sophisticated features it's comforting to know that someone has developed features that I'll come to rely on.

I've been through all of the basic tutorials that come with Inkscape, so now I've moved on to what I can find on the Internet. One of the first I came across was Slime to Start! by David Shaw. It was a really nice first step towards actually creating something comic book like. Overall, the tutorial was pretty good. It's a little old, so I think there might be some version creep between the version I'm using and the one used to create the tutorial, but it's good enough for me to reproduce the slime shown in the tutorial.

After realizing that I was getting lost in the Internet early today, I'm glad I took the time to finish this tutorial. It's been a real eye opener. I'm getting closer and closer to actually visualizing the images in my head coming out of Inkscape. So with out further adieu, say hello to Sammy Slime or maybe he's Jimmy Jello, I guess which ever you see slime or Jello: