Today was going to be the day
I'd worked out the plan
I'd even written it down
I was going to take the time
To work on things that mattered
At least to me

I was going to change the world
One piece of sculpture at a time
One drawing, One poem
One article, One blog post
Day by day
I was going to shake the Matrix
Until the foundations
Begin to falter
And the social disruption
I envision would begin to
Fall into place
Replacing sixty years of indoctrination
Buy, Obey, Consume, Reproduce

With a fools belief
at the heart of my plan
I was certain
That I could make a difference
Patience, optimism, persistence
We shall overcome
These were my new battle cries
I could see it all coming together
starting on just this first day

Instead my six year old
awoke with a fever
So she stayed at home with me
I took her to the Doctor
Where we confirmed
She had an infection
I went to the pharmacy
I bought the medicine
And I made her drink it
Even the bad tasting one
Yes I was going to
Save the world today
Instead I ended up
Saving a princess