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What else is unconstitional?

I've begun to see more frequent associations between an improved USA and a strict belief in Jesus. It's seeped into our social networks and even entering into our political discussions. Yet, at the same time everyone is retreating behind the Constitution to defend controversial claims. 

So I ask: "If there is so much attention being placed on the constitution, why is the 1st amendment so easily ignored?" According to the authors of the Constitution, the United States is not a Christian nation, nor is it a Jewish nation, or any other denomination nation. It is pluralistic nation based on all religions. 

Disclaimer: I am Roman Catholic.

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I Love Creative Commons

And you should too! Strangers from all over the globe freely share their images and other content to promote re-mixing and spread their message. It's a really cool community.

So I want to thank, Rojer for the ONLY hit when I searched for "shocko." It's a beautiful eel taken at very high resolution. I've decided to use it for my twitter account Shockobabble.

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Crowdsourcing and Talent House

My publisher Kevin Shockey submitted Potman for the "Create a superhero character for the Stan Lee Foundation" on Talent House. A really interesting website that allows artist to sponser crowd sourced collaboration. We've submitted Potman, which we've been working on for a while now.

You can login with your Facebook account, so just click on the link to vote for Kevin and let's put him on top. If we win then we will get a chance to to work with Stan Lee to bring Potman to life! How cool would that be?

So tell all your friends, heck tell everyone to go and vote for Kevin. Let's make this happen!